Joint meeting of General Assembly and Handicapped societies [Archives:2004/758/Local News]

July 26 2004

A joint meeting comprising the Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hejri, Governor of Taiz, Doctor Ahmed Hayel Saeed Anaam, the Chairman of the Cooperation and Handicapped societies, Doctor Ahmed Muhammed Al-Olufy, the Director of Taiz Security, Abdullah Abdo Saeed and a number of the board members of both the management, and the general assembly of the charitable social cooperation society and the members of charitable general assembly of the handicapped. In the meeting which is headed by Doctor Ahmed Hayel Saeed, the activities and the tasks of both the societies for the last year period were discussed. As well as listen to the management and the final account reports and voting on the same, trust was renewed in both of the current management boards and a financial supervisor was appointed for 2004.
The Governor of Taiz, in the meeting, addressed all the merchants to adopt Hayel Saeed Companies group in supporting and securing homeless children and orphans. He also boasted of the role of Al-Saeed group has played in supporting the charity works and helping the needy. He also remarked upon the support shown to both societies by the Governorate leadership and the local council through concerned officials and departments, to ease its tasks in activating charitable activity in the governorate, and helping the needy to obtain their necessary requirements.