Jordan and Yemen: Continued Growth in Mutual Relations [Archives:2000/10/Front Page]

March 6 2000

The Eighth round of the Joint Yemeni-Jordanian Committee was convened the First to the Third of March. The meetings were co-chaired by Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Iryani, Prime Minister of Yemen and the Jordanian Prime Minister, Dr. Abdul Al-Raoof Al-Rawabedah. 
Over three days of its present session the higher joint committee discussed a host of topics leading to the strengthening of ties in economic and trade areas and enhancement of cooperation in the exchange of expertise. The meetings also discussed activation of aspects of cooperation between the Yemeni and the Jordanian private sectors. Meetings of the committee were attended by a number of representatives of the private sectors in countries, as well as businessmen and investors from both countries. The joint committee also discussed the implementation of former cooperation agreements signed by the two countries and ways of activating them. Discussions involved increased cooperation in the area of security and military affairs. Dr. Al-Iryani and Dr. Rawabeddah held a joint press conference 
During the press conference, Dr. Abdul Raoof Al-Rawabeddah talked about the democratic experiment in Jordan, asserting that Jordan had made progressive strides and that it still needs time to achieve more and more. “Democracy is an and educational and behavioral process to be sown inside the souls of people so as to be practiced in all walks of life. What it needs is time. Elections’ results by themselves are good for they, in course of time, will be practiced in their proper meaning. A continuous and unwavering struggle and practice of it achieve democracy.” he added. 
Regarding the attitude of Jordan towards the peace process, Dr. Abdul Raoof asserted “There is no future for the region without the desired peace process, the peace that is fair, comprehensive and ever-lasting. Therefore, all the concerned powers whether Arab or others should join forces to accelerate the peace process and bring back negotiations to their track because the alternative is more ruin. We in Jordan stand by our brothers in Lebanon in their fight against the Israeli outrageous aggression. 
In the meeting a number of protocols in health, educational, industrial and cultural areas were signed.