Jordanian Spy Executed [Archives:2001/48/Local News]

November 26 2001

The 26 September Weekly Newspaper issued by the Armed Forces last Thursday said that a Jordanian citizen was executed by Yemeni authorities in May 1998 after he was accused of killed an Egyptian religious scholar in Sana’a. The accused Gamal Al-Akaleba had confessed in front of Penal Prosecution Head that he was spying for the Israeli Intelligence Agency when he was enlisted by Israeli forces. According to sources, the accused had worked as a spy to monitor the Islamists’ activities in Yemen and gathering information about them and raising disputes and discrepancies among Islamists.
The accused had been brought to justice and said at first that he was Syrian and spying for Fatah Palestinian Movement and he was under the assumed the name, Abu Tahseen Abdulakader and the real name was Naser Hamdan Mohammed and that he was Palestinian and he was born in Kuwait. All these information proved to be false. The accused had killed the Egyptian scholars. Sheikh, in his apartment in Sana’a on May 22 1998 when he came to him demanding the legal contracts to marry a woman from Bosnia.