Journalist Harassed [Archives:2000/27/Local News]

July 3 2000

Mr. Abdulbaqi Al-Barhami, corespondent of Al-Wahdawi newspaper, was attacked and savagely beaten up by a group of men belonging to Mohammed Abdulaziz, sheikh in Al-Rawnah district, Shara’ab, Taiz.
Informed sources told YT that the attack against Al-Bahrami was after being accused of publishing some news about the said sheikh who was accused of murdering a young man named Ghassan Abdullah Abdulatif one month ago. Worth noting that this took place after destructive operations dominated the area following a conflict between the said sheikh and one of the people.
Al-Barhami reported to the Taiz Security Administration. Then he is referred to the Criminal Investigation Office which is still looking into the case.
The Nasserite Union condemned this act and considered it as savage and brutal and that it was a stark violation of press freedom. In its report, the party called upon security forces to investigate the matter, arrest the attackers and hold them accountable for their actions.