Journalist Sentenced to 4 Months Prison Term [Archives:2001/31/Local News]

July 30 2001

The Primary Public Wealth Court passed a verdict last week sentencing the journalist Khaled Muhsen Dalak to four month imprisonment. Mr. Khaled Dalak had financial problems with the chief editor of 26 September newspaper.
In a statement to the YT, Mr. Khaled Dalak, who used to work for 26 September newspaper, stated that he had not been paid for four years as a result of his having presented certain documents which helped convict a number of officials who work at the Moral Guidance Dept. to COCA. He also said that he had been beaten up several times, once even inside the COCA headquarters. He also said that the Police had never lifted a finger to follow up his allegations.
Dalak appealed to the dean of Yemeni journalists, asking him to intervene by calling off this unjust verdict and upholding his legal rights.
On the other hand, 26 September newspaper denied that the verdict was related to freedom of expression. It indicated that problems between the chief editor, brigadier general Ali al-Shater and the journalist Khaled Dalak were only of a financial nature. It also indicated that the journalist is only trying to defame the newspaper’s image and pointed out that it intends to file another case against the journalist for embezzling the newspaper’s money while employed as its ads representative.