Journalist training course for election coverage, launched [Archives:2005/880/Local News]

September 26 2005

SANA'A- Sept.22- A training course for journalists for election coverage, was held with the support of the civil Democratic Support (MAdA) and the International Services Fund in the BBC.

Election expert Mr. David Water addressed the course saying that there are a number of workshops that will be held for journalists and editors in Sana'a, Aden, and Al Hudieda. They will be on how to cover the elections and the questions that the voters want the nominees to answer, in addition to how the press should be neutral.

Mr. Abdo Al-Janady head of information center in the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) confirmed that the media should reflect the views of both government and the opposition. He assured that media has a vital role in establishing the fair democratic governance.

He added that Yemenis should give a special attention to economic question in the parties' programs.

He confessed that there were some irregularities, but the media should play a role in avoiding more of them and spreading democratic values.

He said that our mentality in regard to women issues is affected by 7th century values and we still consider women as house wives. This is not the case in the polls, because there are equal rights to both sexes.

In his speech, Mr. Hussein Omar Ba-Saleem, deputy minister in the Ministry of Information, urged the media stations to join the workshops to make use of the long experience of the BBC team.

He said that the government cancelled journalist's detention in the new draft of the journalists' law.

The British embassy representative said that they are proud of executing a training course for developing journalists' skills, that will cover the elections with the BBC and that they aim at neutral and credible elections.

Along side this course the Journalist failed to reach a consensus on what should the journalists' role be during the elections, where the political spirit dominated the discussions.