Journalists and doctors sit-down, in front of the Parliament”We demand a better living standard” [Archives:2005/854/Front Page]

June 27 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Hundreds of doctors and journalists had a sit down in front of the (parliament) last Saturday. It was the first consolidation step to demand the description of journalism career in governmental institutions, as well as description of medical careers in medical institutions.

The doctors and journalists demand to be described in the first category of the wage law that is now being discussed in the Parliament.

The doctors and journalists considered this to be only the first step. The journalists and the doctors together with thousands of teachers who are working in government institutions, have decided not to retreat as in previous cases.

In a communique released by the Journalists Syndicate in front of the parliament, they said

“The journalists used to demand the application of their special entitlements before the career description. The executives deceived us before, by their false promises. We won't be deceived this time.”

On the other side, the doctors have threatened to carry out their growing strike in protest against injustice treatment of the government concerning their rights.

They demanded increase in their salaries and to improve their living standard. In another development, seven governmental university teachers and their aides continued their protest on the government's policy, and the abstention of Ba-jamal government to improve their living standard

In a related issue, there is a noticed concern among the citizens of the expected tide of prices up rise as the government is prepared to pass its economical reform dose. It is going to raise fuel prices that will result in skyrocket of prices up to 500%.

These developments come along side with the aggravated suffering of the people in towns and villages due to lack of water and electricity, together with the increase in foodstuff prices.

As people's sufferings develop and services deteriorate the spontaneous reaction is expected to be boisterous.

Observers say that, the tense relations with politicians and media will contribute to the prospects of a public flare up, which will not only be confined to Ba-jamal Government.

In a related issue, as a Government spokesman, the Minister of Civil Services and Insurance, said to the media, ” The final vote on the strategic wage law will be next week, in the parliament “

The minister added that his Ministry has prepared a full matrix that they have started with the universities, and the health sector. It has formed committees to discuss the proposals presented by those two bodies, to his ministry. He added that his Ministry would, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance to discuss the wage and schedule. They are preparing to present it to the cabinet within two weeks, and start a mechanism of applying its first stage at the beginning of next July.