Journalists’ harassment under review [Archives:2003/02/Local News]

January 13 2003

In a statement distributed last week, the Yemeni Union for Defending Journalists called for supporting journalists whose rights and freedoms are exposed to violations and harassments.
The statement added that the harassment of journalists in our country curbs the margin of the freedom of expression we enjoy and causes a threat to the constitutional right of Yemeni citizen.
The union called upon human rights activists, journalists, and organizations interested in defending human rights and civil society organizations to gather together and support the case of Jamal Amer, who stood trial since August 1998 for publishing an opinion article about the Saudi-Yemeni relations. The Secretariat west court has determined last Sunday a date for pronouncing the sentence against Amer.
They also requested that human rights activists and freedom lovers oppose the sentence against al-Wahdawi newspaper and its staff for publishing articles that supposedly damage Yemen-Saudi relations.
The case has been filed by the prime minister on behalf of the Saudi Embassy. The court has determined the coming Tuesday as the date for pronouncing the final sentence after conducting further investigations before the jury and attorney.