Judges suspended for violating judicial laws [Archives:2006/963/Local News]

July 13 2006

SANA'A, July 11 ) At its Monday meeting, chaired by the Supreme Court Chief Judge, Essam Al-Samawi, , the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) demanded that the Minister of Justice suspend three judges and refer them to the council to face interrogation, accused of committing professional violations.

The SJC decided to suspend one of the judges from work and summon him to stand before the council for questioning over violations attributed to him. It stressed the necessity of confronting judges who violate the judicial laws, considering judiciary to be the safe haven for maintaining justice, rights and freedom.

The SJC said it will never be lenient towards judges who violate the laws. Also, it emphasized the necessity of tackling violations in court and in prosecutions and suggested the best solutions for them via a punitive procedure to be prepared by judicial inspection authorities in the Ministry of Justice and Public Prosecution.

Additionally, the Council of Accountability and Punishment took a hard line stance against a judge for breaking the laws, prior to the spread of this phenomenon.

The council discussed some issues related to the disobedience of judges to court orders concerned with judge replacements, absences from work and the prolonging of case procedures.