Judicial reforms for, Stabilization of justice, security and investment climate [Archives:2003/674/Business & Economy]

October 6 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Ministry of Justice is now implementing a plan for the judiciary reform aimed at reforming the conditions of courts and the non-delay in deciding disputes , the realization of justice message and the stability of the society and development movement. The purpose is to produce consolidation of investment climate and the work of speeding up solution for investors problems.
In preparation for these goals accomplishment the ministry has recently organized the Branch Judicial Conference for the governorates of Ibb, Taiz, Dhamar, Baidha', Hadrmout, Shabwa, Muhrah, and Aden in activation of the plan for judiciary reform approved by the council of ministers. The Judicial Branch Conference has demanded at the conclusion of its meetings for the stabilization of the principle of judiciary independence and its legislation and asked that the Supreme Judiciary Council be the reference in cases of appointments in the judiciary power as well as the promotion of its members, their transfers, acceptance of resignations and sending them to justice.
The conference has affirmed the necessity of providing all necessary potentials for the judge or member of prosecution in order to improve performance and fight the financial and administrative corruption.
The conference discussed many topics that have been concentrated on the judge, independence of judiciary, existing judiciary practical legislation and means of putting them into account, general prosecution and impediments of blocking its work. The conferees also evaluated activity of the legislative power, conditions of judiciary and problems the courts are suffering from throughout the country.
This conference is as a preparatory for the general judicial conference to be held later and to be attended by representatives from all governorates. The conference aims at setting a plan for judicial reform, especially that there are complaints offered by the citizens and investors mentioning about weakness of judicial apparatus in solving the present problems.
According to statements by those interested in the reform of judiciary, there would be a modernisation measures for judicial apparatus and courts in order to spread justice among the people and curb the phenomenon of vengeance, fighting bribes and weeding out corruption as well as the work for sovereignty of the law and legislation including all courts nationwide.