Judiciary and Press [Archives:2000/34/Focus]

August 21 2000

Imad Al-Saqqaf
Taiz bureau chief
They say if sovereignty of judiciary is achieved, the state would be able to get rid of corruption. At the same time, if judiciary is has caught corruption, all official organs are bound to be contaminated. So, reform must begin with judiciary. The daily talked-about corruption, found in inefficiency of judicial authorities a good motivation to trigger off. Corrupt judges must be punished and removed at once.
What happens in courts is incredible and painful. Ignored and neglected cases, people in pursuit of justice for tens of years to no avail, are some daily pictures there. Many wronged people frequent the newspaper office appealing to let their call for justice reach the big bosses. In fact, press should be a voice for the voiceless. A journalists job is not only gathering news. He should be an advocate, judge, policeman and attorney general defending the wronged citizens rights to lead a dignified life.
We in the Yemen Times believe that press must be more than a source of news. We hope that the YT will be always an advocate for peoples rights and freedoms. Therefore, the wronged are welcomed to report about any kind of injustice they encounter.

Al-Murtadhi bin Zaid Al-Mahtuari