Judiciary Research Center inaugurated [Archives:2006/969/Local News]

August 3 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 1 ) As an affiliate to the National Committee for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD), the Judicial Research Center was inaugurated on Tuesday with the aim of enhancing the independence of the Yemeni judiciary.

The activities of the centre, which was founded by many lawyers and judicature coordinators, include work on activating the independence of judiciary and advocacy and protecting judicature coordinators from any arbitrary attacks over their calls for fair application of the law.

The centre aims to contribute to enacting legislations concerned with works and tasks of the judicature to ensure independence of the judiciary. It also aims to increase legal awareness of adjudicatory officials and claim equality in job entitlements between workers in judiciary.

It is a prerequisite to protect judges during their work in order not to be exposed to influence by government officials, social personalities or rich people, said lawyer Mohamed Naji Allaw, one of the centre's founders.

Allaw noted that the current judicial system works on transforming judges into fellow employees- denied the power to rule or to issue decisions. This is the primary reason behind poor performance in prosecutions and courts, and therefore people don't question themselves about such a fact.

According to Allaw, this fact led to the spread of violations of rights and freedoms thus forcing people to resort to tribal arbitration or to ask help of influential persons under the pretext of the absence of an independent and fair judiciary.