Just spend a day in Hudeidah at night [Archives:2003/673/Reportage]

October 2 2003
Motorcycles noises and dins have become normal in Hodeidah
Motorcycles noises and dins have become normal in Hodeidah
By Farouk Moqbill
Yemen Times Staff

It seems that no glimpse of hope or initiative has been taken to put an end to the awful noise caused by motorcycles in the city of Hudeidah. Most of the residents in buildings situated at Sana'a Street have left their houses to look for another quieter place where they could sleep peacefully even if 5 hours a day.
Nights in Hudeidah have been changed into a dreadful nightmare as a result of those motorcycles scattered in every corner of its streets.
The city visitors and new comers have been wondering, of not putting an end to such noise by the traffic policemen in the city.
Why aren't there any procedures taken against motorcyclists? Several questions are asked and in need of immediate solutions.
Yemen Times reporter has shed a light on this noise problem in the city of Hudeidah and this has taken place in a time in which the city is titled the “Pride of the Red Sea”.

Motorcycles in Hudeidah
The hot climate of Hudeidah has made motorcycles the only prevailing means of transportation because they are quicker and cheaper. While some motorcyclists totally depend on them for their own living and sustaining their families.
But as a result of being used by many people in the Hudeidah city, endless noises and dins have spoiled the city and annoyed its residents.
“We have been deprived from having even a twinkle of an eye. No sense of tranquility or calmness has been felt,” Hisham Ahmed, a resident remarked.
Hisham uses this means of transportation to go to work or go shopping. But as a citizen, he placed an emphasis to have a right to calmness for him as well as his family.
“In evenings noises become stronger when movements of other vehicles stop,” he said.
Jameel on his part agrees to what Hisham said. But he is wondering why the motorcyclists don't sleep in the proper time. “There are of course children, patients and old people who are in need of calmness and tranquility,” Jameel said.

Dins become normal
“We face this problem for a long time, but we get accustomed to it,” Ata Musaed commented
The noises and dins caused by motorcycles have become an essential trait of the city of Hudeidah and many of the poor families depend on their living on those motorcycles.

Motorcyclists defend
Mohammed, a motorcyclist, said: “What shall I do if I stop riding my motorcycle? Where shall I go? I have finished a diploma in computer and haven't find a job opportunity yet.”
As a result of being unemployed, he has to buy a motorcycle for himself in order to sustain and provide the basic necessities for his seven-member family” he commented.
But, Ameen, another motorcyclist, sees that he could offer a noble service for people during the nighttime.
“New visitors from other governorates don't find a transportation means except this during the late night hours,” Ameen said.
On the other hand, Mahyoob, another motorcyclist, refused what Ameen said. “For me, I don't ride after 10:00 o'clock in the evening. I must take a rest and don't make noises,” he noted.
The General Manager of Hudeidah Traffic Authority, Colonel, Abdullateef al-Masri said that there are about 30.000 motorcycles and the city of Hudeidah takes the lions share.
“We used to face difficulties to take control of those motorcyclists. As a result, we have conducted a plan to overcome problems caused by those motorcycles. The first phase is represented by the putting number plates and imposing customs duties,” Mr. Al-Masri said.
“But we couldn't prevent motorcyclists from riding at night collectively. As a result, a decision has been issued to prevent them from riding after 10:00 o'clock in the evening. Control and supervising campaigns have been followed,” he commented further.
But there is a positive progress in this regard. What only has remained is some of the lawbreakers who love violating the traffic rules. “But, after putting number plates on their motorcycles, it is easy for the traffic policemen to hold them responsible,” he concluded.