Just where are all the expatriates?Mapping Yemenis abroad [Archives:2004/734/Business & Economy]

May 3 2004

The Statistics Central Apparatus in Yemen is preparing for the implementation of the census of population, houses and installations next December to obtain accurate statements about demographic changes, internal and external migration and the volume of population density in the countryside and the towns compared to requirements of services and development projects.
Moreover, one of the more important things in the census is to get acquainted with the density of the Yemenis spread out in expatriation, and the places where they are living, as well the relationship of the expatiates with what is mentioned in the map of investment inside the homeland.
The Minister of Expatriate Affairs Abdeh Ali Qubati affirms the census is reaching accurate statistics and correct definite statements. The census will give records in various areas of the republic in order also to define rates of migration, kinds of expatriates and their professions, qualification, skills and their social and economic circumstances.
The census represents a major pillar in developing the field work for serving the expatriates and to reach at a proper framework on requirements of the homeland's sons in the expatriation areas, as well as effecting balance between what the country needs and aspirations of the expatriates in addition to what the expatiate hopes of services to offer to the homeland.
The government wants from the census to draw up a map of accurate data on expatriates installations and to obtain modern statistics on characteristics of the population in order to keep pace with developments and changes achieved by modern technology necessary for developmental construction.
The Ministry of Expatriates believes that the coming census would contribute to pushing forward the wheel of expatriates investments and accommodate their projects within sustainable development.
Accurate and proper figures would help he expatriates benefit from them and positive contribution to ongoing economic changes in the country.