Kalalah Denies his Arrest, and Aman’s Murder was not based on Hatred [Archives:2001/41/Front Page]

October 8 2001

Mr. Hamdoun Kalalah, a Yemenia pilot receiving his higher education in Texas, US, said in an email to the Yemen Times that news of his arrest published in issue No. 39 of the Yemen Times on September 24, 2001 was not true. “It was just a questioning matter like everybody in flight school,” he said. He added that the US government had been nice to all people of different races, including Muslims. 
On another level, it was reported that Tariq Farooq Aman, the Canadian of Yemeni origin who was murdered more than a week ago was not killed as a consequence of a hatred attack. Reports from the investigation bureaus in Canada said that the fight erupted in a normal dispute and was not based on hate because of the September 11 attacks against the USA.