KAP celebrates second anniversary [Archives:2004/730/Last Page]

April 19 2004
KAP Chairman Yahya M. Abdullah Saleh
KAP Chairman Yahya M. Abdullah Saleh
The Kanaan Association for Palestine (KAP) has celebrated last Saturday at its headquarters in Sanaa its second founding anniversary amid presence of a large number of prominent officials and personalities and KAP's members. Among the most senior Yemeni guests were the Advisor to the President Dr. Hassan Makki, the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Abdulwahhab Abdo Raweh, Former Minister of Human Rights Dr. Wahibe Fare' and many others.
The festivity started with an entertainment session by two fine Yemeni artists, who sang national and patriotic songs that resemble the role of KAP in supporting the Palestinian cause.

Chairman blasts Sharon
The event was then followed by a brief statement by the chairman of KAP, Mr. Yahya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, who praised the efforts exerted by the members and supporters of the association and emphasized KAP's role in supporting the Palestinian people and their just case for an independent state with sovereignty and dignity. He also blasted the actions of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in building the so-called security fence and continuing atrocities against Palestinians. “There is only one way to combat this evil criminal of war Sharon, and that is through resistance and resistance only.” Yahya said.
Mr. Yahya also criticized the recent Bush statements approving the Sharon plan of unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and called it a disgrace to the international community.
He also expressed gratitude to the ones who donated and supported the association to make it grow and become in the strength that it enjoys today.
“I seize this opportunity to thank all who participated through financial donations and through moral support and guidance in making our association an active association to support our Palestinian brothers.” he added.

Special guest from Palestine
The special guest attending the event was H.E. Palestinian Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Naeem Abu Hims, who also praised the efforts of KAP during his speech and revealed the surprise achievement in beginning the first phases of planning to start construction of the Kanaan School in Khaleel City in Palestine. The school will be built based on a donation from President Ali Abdullah Saleh to the Palestinian people channeled through KAP.
“This is indeed an overwhelming and exciting moment for me as I see our Yemeni brothers coming out in support of their Palestinian citizens. This school and later the university to be donated by your country is a clear example of this.” he said.
He also described the suffering of Palestinian teachers and students under Israeli occupation and emphasized the appreciation of the Palestinian people for the positive role of President Saleh and the Yemeni people in supporting the Palestinian cause.

Video presentation shows achievements
A video presentation was then displayed, which describes the different activities that KAP held and organized in the last two years, and gave special emphasis to the new campaign launched to collect one million signatures of people rejecting the Sharon security fence. KAP wishes to send the signed petition to the UN as an indication of international opposition to the Sharon wall.
The presentation also described the strides and achievements of the association and reminds of the special occasions held recently, including the ceremony to bid farewell to the former Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Yahya Rabah.

New KAP website inaugurated
The event also witnessed the inauguration of the new English website of KAP (www.kanaan4p.org/englishsite/), which featured different segments such as news, donation links, information about the association, and other informative sections.
The website used modern technology to enhance the viewing quality and ease of use of the website, which will be a gateway to the Internet browsers throughout the world, who will all have the opportunity to be informed about the atrocities committed against the Palestinians and KAP's activities to support Palestinian cause.

More donations
Meanwhile, donations have also been made and announced during the event including a financial donation in the form of YR 500,000 from Mecca Cola along with another donation from the National Beverage Company – Canada Dry, which generously contributed part of its revenues to the association.
Mr. Yahya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh also inaugurated the textile exhibition of the association in which textile products in the form of Palestinian dresses, etc are sold and their revenue is returned to the welfare association.