Karrox opens its doors in Yemen [Archives:2006/958/Local News]

June 26 2006

SANA'A, June 20 ) Karrox Technologies, a leading computer training company based in India, opened a branch in Sana'a on June 5. The center was inaugurated by the Ambassador of India, Shri Alagapurian Karuppaiya, who promised Karrox his full support in making the center a success.

Karuppaiya went on to emphasize the strong relationship between India and Yemen and its social, political, and economic importance to both the countries. He mentioned that information technology (IT) was one path of development that Yemen should pursue and was happy with the renewed interest that the government has shown in IT.

Jeetendra Nair, Executive Vice President of Karrox said, “When we embarked on our global plans, Yemen ranked very high in our priority and global operations vision. This is [the] seventh country that we [have] launch[ed] in [during] the last six months and we believe that this country has the best technical brains; and with the right training, we shall facilitate the process of IT revolution that is due to take place in Yemen.”

Anitya Anand, Managing Director of the Injaz Learning Center, who is a Karrox partner in Yemen said, “I have been in Yemen for many years and have understood that [a] modern IT technology training program was lacking, and hence [I] thought of starting an institute with a difference, which can benefit Yemeni students.”

Karrox has been in the IT training business for the last 15 years; in the process, it has trained more than 250,000 students. Karrox is positioned as a one-stop IT training center and the courses are designed to cater to the entire spectrum of IT requirements globally. Karrox offers training programs that cover networking, software, and IT security modules.