Keith Vaz in Sanaa to Help on Case [Archives:1999/06/Front Page]

February 8 1999

Mr. Keith Vaz, Member of the House of Commons, arrives in Yemen today, February 8th, in a damage control bid to limit the fallout which resulted from the recent terrorist activities purported by UK nationals as alleged by the Yemeni authorities. Tension between London and Sanaa is already high.
Mr. Vaz is most suitable for the job for many reasons. Firstly, having been born in Aden, he has a certain affinity and feeling for the place. Secondly, he has already visited Yemen several times in an effort to promote Yemeni-UK ties and cooperation. Thirdly, he has a large oriental bloc in his Leicester East constituency which demands that he intervene on behalf of the five Britons.
His visit program calls for meetings with senior Yemeni officials and opinion-makers.