KEY BUSINESSMEN SPEAK ABOUT UNITY [Archives:2000/21/Business & Economy]

May 22 2000

Yahya Al-Habbari
For a very long time the unification of Yemen has been the dream of all the Yemeni people. No efforts were spared to realize this dream and make it a reality. Then, on 22 May 1990, Yemen was reunified under the leadership of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Yemen unification was the largest victory Yemen has achieved under the ruling of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Ever since that day, the country has witnessed great developments in all fields.
First, one of the greatest achievements of the unification was Democracy. There are many newspapers in Yemen some of which are independent, private, and governmental and some even belong to opposition parties. In addition, Yemen has seen the establishment of the Parliament and the Consultative Council and for the first time Parliament and Presidential free elections were held in Yemen. Women have also witnessed the prosperity of their role in the society. They work now in almost all fields not to mention the many constitutional and democratic rights they have gained which are protected by the Yemeni law.
Furthermore, Yemen has made great steps in peacefully resolving border disputes with its neighbor Sultanate of Oman and solving Honaish Island problems.
The education sector has also undergone many advancements. Many education institutes and schools were established and others were expanded. Moreover, the government has built many hospitals which are supplied with the most advanced medical and technological equipment. Besides, so many roads which connect governorates were expanded and almost all airports were renovated and modernized.
As for the judiciary, this sector has observed great enhancements to the guarantee of its uprightness and fairness and this has developed trust in the judiciary of our people. We shall not also forget to mention the financial and economic reforms that Yemen has undergone. These reforms have inhibited the economic decay and stabilized the currency.
In industry and trade, Yemen has now lots of factories which manufacture products of all kinds in so many different fields. This is all attributed to the government which has eradicated all the hindrances that withhold the development of this sector.
Moreover, there has been many developments in the field of oil and mineral resources which have contributed significantly to the country’s economy.
Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al-Rammah, Vice Chairman, Chamber of Commerce & Industry
“Despite the political borders that separated the two Yemens during the Imam’s regime in the North and the British colonization in the South, Yemenis had similar interests and hopes and they used to move from one city to another easily. After the revolution of the North and the independence of the south, things became more complicated and traveling from one part of Yemen to the other was not that easy. However, people were still dreaming of unity. We, in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, joined hands with our partners in Sana’a in the 1970s to represent Yemen in Arab and international events.
The 22 of May 1990 came as a bright day not only in the history of Yemen but in that of the Arabs.
What has been achieved during the past ten years, especially in the development domain is promising. The free zone and the containers terminal are cases in point.
Yemen has a lot of potential to develop and prosper. We have to work hard to create a suitable atmosphere for investment that requires stability, security and fair judicial systems. Giving a go-ahead signal for local authority law to ensure the public participation in governance and improve the people’s living standards will lead to more development, progress and prosperity. Many happy returns.”
Fadel Haitham Al-Hilali,
GM of Furniture and Schools Equipment Corporation
I present my congratulations to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Yemeni people on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Yemeni unity. Under the leadership of President Saleh, Aden governorate has witnessed progress during the past ten years. He led the country towards development. Yemen became one of the leading countries in democracy and protection of human rights.
For ten years Yemen has been achieving many accomplishments in political, economic and social levels. The corporation has achieved great progress, especially since 1998.
Jawad Al-Alas
Vice Chairman of the Yemen National Bank
“As we celebrate the anniversary of Yemen reunification, we recall the struggle and glory of a nation that recorded the brightest chapters of Yemen’s history.
The Yemen National Bank is 100% owned by the government. It has 27 branches all over Yemen. During the first part of the past decade the Bank has been able to develop its banking activities and thus it has been able to increase its total funds from 14.7 billion in 1990 to 30.3 billion Riyals at present.
In this sense the bank is considered to be the second after the general budget of the state in redistributing the national income according to regions and population. The bank has also developed its banking mechanism and administration.
Mr. Anis Al-Samawi Director General of Planning, Housing & Construction Bureau The bulk of what has been accomplished in Aden in the years 1991-1999 is estimated at a cost of YR 7.5 Billion. This is embodied in building, at a cost of YR 2,070,000,000 , more than 212 kms-long roads. We have also implemented and completed 78 Housing and public projects at a cost of YR 4,408,460,000.
As for the Municipality, we have completed 12 parks and gardens at a cost of YR 65.577.000. We have built six fountains, markets and road maintenance at a cost of YR 24.742.000.
As for the electricity projects in Aden, it is worth mentioning that electricity was introduced in Aden in 1936, covering the quarters of Crater, Al-Mualla, and Al-Tawahi. In the early 1950’s electricity power was extended to the city following the building of a 7000-m long coastal road on the occasion of queen Elizabeth’s visit to Aden in 1953.
After the Yemeni unification, electrical networks have been rehabilitated and street lighting updated. 7th of July project is regarded as one of the great urban development projects occupying 54 hectares providing all services to the infrastructure including drinking water and sanitation. More than 25,000 people benefit from it. The government funded YR 2,5 million towards its costs and the UNCDF contributed with $ 5.000.000.