Key terrorist mastermind chased [Archives:2003/687/Local News]

November 20 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
A recent attack by Yemeni-Saudi forces in Jabal Wahran in al-Jawf governorate targeted Moataz al-Qandahari, said to be responsible for al-Qaeda Jihad in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula, al-Balagh paper said last week.
The attack came after the recent explosions that were taken place in the Riyadh two weeks ago.
It is said also that al-Qandahari was seriously injured after an air attack, along with a number of other companions.
Tribal resources said that al-Qandahari has been harbored by a tribe in al-Jawf governorate.
But the source did not disclose any conditions laid by tribes there in return for his hideout.
At the same time, sources refused to disclose any contacts made between the Yemeni authorities and tribesmen to determine criteria for tracking down al-Qandahari.
Initial reports said that security authorities indicated that they haven't learned about al-Qandahari's whereabouts. It has been reported that he has been noticed after giving a religious sermon recounting a number of incidents when criticizing Khaled Abduhannabi, a key terror target and a leader of the Abyan-Aden Islamic Army. In his religious sermon, Abduhannabi was labeled as an infidel because of having changed his mind on some ideas.
Strict military procedures have been taken by the Yemeni-Saudi authorities to strengthen their borders particularly after the recent terror explosions taken place in Riyadh, according to media reports.
The source said that security authorities, coast guards have been increasingly deployed alongside both, the land as well as the marine borders.