Khawlani Kidnappers Reach Taiz [Archives:1999/41/Local News]

October 11 1999

Despite the high strict official orders banning arms in the major cities, an armed group from the Khawlan tribe kidnapped engineer Ahmad Mahmoud Dail Al-Hashimi, director of the southern district in the Housing and Planning, Taiz office while he was leaving his house for work in the morning of October 3rd 1999. The kidnappers, who were driving a military jeep, stopped the engineer’s car. Four of them got down and forced the engineer to get into their car. Five hours later, the engineer’s father had a phone call telling him that his son was held as a hostage in Khawlan. The citizens of Taiz have condemned this event and have decided to call upon the President Ali Abdulla Saleh to take the necessary measures to free the engineer and punish the kidnappers for such criminal deeds.