Khowlah Bint Al-Azwar Displays Students Work [Archives:1999/08/Reportage]

February 22 1999

On Sunday morning, February 21st, 1999, Dr. Yahia Al-Shu’aibi, Minister of Education, inaugurated the Students’ Work Exhibition at Khowlah Bint Al-Azwar Girls’ School in Sanaa. On display were more than 2,000 items and products which the girls of the school produced. Most of them were school projects in the sciences, arts, handcrafts and other fields.
“I am delighted with the quality of the projects as well as with the diligence and hard work they embody,” Dr. Shu’aibi said. He noted that based on Yemen’s experience, girls usually make better students than boys.
He also thanked the school’s principal, Ms. Nouria Me’yad, who he described as one of the best principals of the country and who is a good model for others.
Mr. Hussain Al-Maswary, Mayor of Sanaa, Dr. Mageed Ghanim, Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Nabil Hayel Saeed, Honorary Consul of Korea and one of the leading patrons of the school, several members of the Consultative Council, and other distinguished guests attended the inauguration session.
The school then organized a play in which the students performed. At the end of the event, the Minister honored some of the outstanding students.