Kidnapped Sudanese child Child hostage released [Archives:2004/718/Local News]

March 8 2004

Azhary Mahmoud Sulaiman, the 9-year old son of the Head of the Sudanese community in Yemen held hostage in Al-Jouf for two weeks, was released on Saturday 6th March following mediation efforts led by Sheikh.Ameen Al-Ukaime.
The kidnappers were demanding 15 million YR ransom for the child. This money was claimed as compensation for of sums of money taken by the boy's father, acting as a representative of the Education Office in the Governorate, from nearly 300 local residents on the promise that he would secure jobs for them in the Ministry of Education. He has fled to the UAE.
The Sudanese community had rejected any possibility of ransom of compromise. In a letter received by Yemen Times, the Sudanese Community stated that:
1- It abides by and respects Yemeni laws and norms.
2- it demands the safe return of the child unconditionally.
3- It has the right of the father of the kidnapped to sue the kidnapers.
4- The aggression against an innocent child is a flagrant violation of human rights.
5- The community refuses to inter negotiation with the kidnapers and thanks the efforts of the Yemeni authorities and Sheiks.
The Sudanese Foreign Ministry had been in contact with the Yemeni Embassy in Khartoum. The content of their discussions has not been disclosed.
Full details of the settlement are not yet available. Early reports suggest a sum of money less than 15 million YR was paid to the tribesmen.