KIDNAPPERS SENTENCED [Archives:2001/01/Front Page]

December 31 2001

The Penal Court of Terrorism sentenced last Saturday the kidnappers of the German Engineer, Lehnerd Cart, to 20-25 years in jail. The first defendant Nasser Al-zaidi was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment while the other three kidnappers, Mohammed al-Zaidi, Hassan al-Zaidi and Saleh Tuiman who were tried in absentia were sentenced to 20 years in jail each. Aziz Shuqil was acquitted.
The prosecution accused the defendants of forming an armed ring for kidnapping foreigners, resisting authorities and damaging Yemens economy and diplomatic position.
The first defendant protested the verdict and asked judge Najeeb
 al-Qaderi to sentence him to death instead. He took back his confessions in the previous hearing saying he didnt kidnap the German engineer. Rather, he said he performed as a mediator between the kidnappers and the government.
This is the fastest trial of kidnappers in Yemen for it started a few days after the hostage was set free and one of the kidnappers was arrested.
The German engineer who was snatched form Haddah street November 28, was released on December 8.