King Abdullah Attends Military Graduation Ceremony Today in Sanaa [Archives:2001/22/Front Page]

May 28 2001

King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein of Jordan arrived in Sana’a yesterday. He had official talks with President Ali Abdullah Saleh on bilateral relations between Yemen and Jordan. They also discussed the developments in the Palestinian occupied territories in the light of the Israeli aggressions and atrocities against Palestinians as well as the Jordanian and Egyptian initiative to sort out the differences, bringing the two sides to the negotiating table.
King Abdullah is expected to attend a graduation ceremony of the first batch of the Special Forces being trained by Jordanian military experts under the command of Colonel Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh, the eldest son of President Saleh. Colonel Ahmad who is now commander of the Republican Guards has an amiable relationship with the King of Jordan as he graduated from the Jordan Military College which was then run by King Abdullah. This batch of the Special Forces will be highly qualified under the supervision of the President’s son who aims at creating a well-qualified and modernized army.
King Abdullah who delayed his visit to Sanaa for 24 hours due to the developments in the Middle East is expected to fly tomorrow with President Saleh to Saudi Arabia to garner support for the initiative on the Middle East crisis. They are also expected to begin new initiatives concerning the Kuwaiti hostages in Iraq since the second Gulf war in an attempt to settle the differences between Kuwait and Iraq over this problem as well as to promote Arab solidarity at large.
Military forces have been deployed in the capital city and have taken strict measures to prevent any unlawful eventuality.