Knowledge is not limited to the white people [Archives:2006/959/Community]

June 29 2006

N. Al-Mujahed
With this true fact his Excellency the Malaysian minister for higher education Mr. Mostafa attracted our attention. He admits that studying in America or any European country attracts the majority. Now the target is changed to the far east of Asia particularly Malaysia, for the undergraduate degree as well as the masters and PhDs.

Recently the Malaysian universities ( Open ,Utara and Mara universities) didn't wait for us to come, they broke the boundaries and opened their prestigious programs here in Yemen with collaboration with the University of Science and Technology to offer their curriculum and certificates while being here in Yemen.

When his Excellency was asked what differentiates studying in Malaysia from any other country? He replied the Islamic culture which is similar to the Islamic culture in Yemen, the living and studying expenses much cheaper than any other country, and the sophisticated level of education

If I may add to his words I would say and people who always smile.

One question pops into my mind. What is lacking in our education? The Malaysian government spends more than 50% of its income on education, the ministry itself is now divided into 2 ministries one for the primary and secondary education and the other for higher education, people their consider the bachelor degree the beginning of their educational journey, here the end ps! did I answer my question? I'm not sure ho knows, maybe a day will come and the Yemeni universities break the boundaries and offer our programs abroad.

Socrates says “As for me