Kung Fu Institute Opens [Archives:1998/32/Sports]

August 10 1998

The first specialized kung fu institute was opened in Sanaa last Wednesday. “The Golden Claw Institute” aims to train amateurs, though it is run by an expert, Mr. Nabil Saleh Al-Gaiefi.
At the opening ceremony, many kung fu players performed to for a large audience that included the chief of the Kung Fu Association, Mr. Hamood Obad and the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports.
Mr. Nabil Al-Gaiefi told the Yemen Times, “Many young boys are interested in kung fu. So, this institute is opened to bring together the large number of kung fu fans.
The Kung Fu Association will organize a training course to qualify junior referees at the end of this month. I will lecture in this course about the skills and teaching methods in this game. We are working on developing this game in order for amateurs to practice it in the correct way adopted by the International Kung Fu Association.”