Kuwait Cultural Week in Sana’a [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

In the frame of Sana'a as the 2004 Arab Cultural Capital, the Yemeni capital is going to host from September 18th-23rd the Kuwaiti cultural week, which is to be organized by the National Council for Culture and Arts, Kuwait.
In a press release by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Sana'a, ambassador Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi expressed his happiness at organizing this function amidst the cultural activities hosted by Yemeni capital.
He pointed out the importance of culture in disseminating fraternity and love among peoples, referring to the early Kuwaiti interest in the human culture with no aim but to benefit Arab readers and develop their faculties.
The ambassador appreciated that Yemenis' cherish publications from Kuwait such as Al-Arabi magazine and others.
The Kuwait Cultural Week contains cultural and artistic functions including a book fare, plastic arts gallery, theatrical show, cultural lectures, poetry nights and a concert.
Sana'a hosted in 2001 a Kuwaiti cultural week which was attended by huge crowds and highly praised by critics.