Kuwait Supports US$ 100 Million Development Projects in Yemen [Archives:2001/12/Interview]

March 19 2001

Evidence of the strong and deep relationship between Yemen and Kuwait is clearly showing itself in the educational, health, development, etc., fields in Yemen. Recently, Kuwait resumed supporting development projects and high ranking officials started to exchange visits.
Ismail Al-Ghabery met with H.E. Ambassador of Kuwait to Sana’a and filed the following interview:
Q: How do you assess Kuwaiti-Yemeni relations?
A: Yemeni-Kuwait relations are old and there is much historic evidence of this through the different eras of contemporary history. Aden used to be a very important destination for ancient Kuwaiti merchants. Yemenis were among the first immigrants to contribute to the development of Kuwait after oil was discovered. In return, Kuwait has been contributing to the establishment of the modern Yemen since the break-out of the Revolution on September 26 1962. There are strong ties between Kuwait and Yemen in cultural, technical, etc., fields.
Q: Is it right that the Kuwaiti Fund for Development will resume supporting development projects in Yemen? What about the volume of these projects?
A: A high ranking delegation from the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, headed by the General Manager of the Fund, Mr. Badr Al-Humaidhi, visited Sana’a recently. The talks the delegation held with some Yemeni officials were fruitful, resulting in a Kuwaiti agreement to finance different projects to a value of US$ 100 million. One of these projects is Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad College in Socotra.
Q: How do you view Yemeni-Iraqi relations? What is the Kuwaiti position regarding the sanctions on Iraq?
A: We, as Kuwaitis, believe that no country has an interest in maintaining sanctions against any other country, especially if it is an Arab one. However, we think that it is the Iraqi political system that is responsible for the continuous suffering of the Iraqi people. We feel sorry about this.
Iraqis are our neighbors and we do not feel happy when they are hurt. In this context, I urge all people who feel for the Iraqis to call upon the Iraqi government to be positive towards it’s citizens and then towards other nations.
As far as Yemeni-Iraqi relations are concerned, we respect a country’s freedoms in it’s relations with other countries. We have never sought relations with a country at the expense of a third party. This question fills me with hope that your kind leadership may exploit its good relations with the Iraqi government to help us release the Kuwaiti hostages in Iraq. This issue makes the invasion a living fact in the eyes of Kuwaitis.
Q: What are the most important topics on the agenda of the high ranking parliamentary delegation visiting Yemen?
A: The intended visit of a parliamentary delegation headed by the Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Jasem Al-Khurafi is an expression of the deep love and appreciation Kuwaitis hold for Yemen. Certainly, this visit and its outcome, will further consolidate the existing bilateral relations between Yemen and Kuwait.
Q: Any last word?
A: As a Kuwaiti diplomat who has recently started his mission to Yemen, I plan to concentrate on establishing stronger cooperation with Yemenis, so as to see facts as they are and take action accordingly. Through the Yemen Times I assert that my country and people are ambitious to develop relations with Yemen at all levels. Your country is very dear to us. We do not wish to keep away from such countries.