Kuwaiti Ambassador Yousef A. al-Onaizi to YT: “Notion of democracy is loved by all nations and has been desired by all” [Archives:2002/13/Law & Diplomacy]

March 25 2002


The Yemeni – Kuwaiti relationship has been strongly established in the past and has witnessed dramatic shifts in various ways. Evidence of strength and deep relations between Yemen and Kuwait are showing themselves in fields of education, health, development and more in Yemen.
The Kuwait Ambassador to Yemen, Yousef Abdullah al-Onaizi has stressed that the president of the republic said once that no one could hinder the bilateral progress of the Yemeni – Kuwaiti relationship. More light on this topic has been shed by the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Yemen.
Ismael al-Ghaberi of the Yemen Times recently met up with H.E, the Kuwaiti Ambassador and conducted the following interview:
Q: How do you assess the Yemeni-Kuwaiti relationship?
A: Undoubtedly, the Yemeni-Kuwaiti relationship has witnessed dramatic shifts in all aspects. We thank God that the two sisterly countries could exceed the past conflicts and the Yemeni-Kuwaiti relationship has been progressing rapidly. It is firmly established in the past that the Yemeni port has become a spot for Kuwaiti ships. In addition to this, there are the cultural links which have in turn motivated the two leaderships in the countries to push them further for the better.
Q: You have represented your country in different countries of the world. What are the benefits that you have had from this?
A: Diplomatic missions are interesting and have useful benefits. It familiarizes one with what is going on this world. It also makes possible to establishing relations with active officials and dignitaries in society, and know nations cultures. I have been able to make use of these active officials, their experience and dignitaries.
My writings also positively reflect the facets of these relations in some of the Kuwaiti newspapers. I’m about to write a book focusing on my trips and Yemen is also included in this book.
Q: What are your impressions of Yemen?
A: I’m deeply impressed by the Yemeni people and establishing relationship with them, whether security officers or the common men. Yemenis are away from fraudulence, flattering and malice and that is why I liked Yemenis.
Q: How do you perceive Yemen’s access to some of the committees in the GCC membership?
A: As a matter of fact, the GCC’s approval to accept Yemen gradually in the GCC will enhance and consolidate the strategic relations in the Peninsula, due to its strategic location in addition to the human resources and the attractive nature which is bestowed to Yemen.
Q: Are there any bilateral agreements between the two countries?
A: Actually, there are several agreements between the two countries in the field of cultural and information. Visits between the two countries is clear evidence in this aspect.
Q: What does Kuwait gain from the democratic practice and general freedoms?
A: The notion of democracy is loved by all nations and has been desired by all. As a country, Kuwait has made use of this experience a lot and we thank God that Kuwait can cope successfully with the democratic practice. I’m sure that we don’t worry about the democratic notion in Kuwait because democracy in Kuwait is deeply rooted in the past.