Kuwaiti Information center to be established in Sana’a [Archives:2003/652/Local News]

July 21 2003

SANA'A- Shiekh Mubarak Duaij Al-Subaa, the Deputy Kuwaiti Information Ministry for Foreign Media told Yemen Times that the gap among Arabs concerning stances on Iraq's invasion of Kuwait 1990 needs to be bridged, and partly a Kuwaiti information center in Sanaa will help achieve this goal.
He said that Kuwait has a real desire to establish contacts with Arab brothers particularly Yemen. He affirmed that a Kuwaiti information center in Yemen, to be established soon, could be a good example for others to follow.
He added that the information center would enhance cooperation and contacts between the two countries.
“The new center will promote and strengthen bilateral relations for a better future in the benefit of the two countries.” He said.
“Kuwait is a peaceful country that does not interfere in other countries' affairs and we believe in a strong and strong united Arab stance concerning vital issues including the issue of Palestine,” he confirmed.