La Venezia dello Yemen [Archives:2005/864/Viewpoint]

August 1 2005

In Venice you don't need a car because to start with the roads are too narrow and secondly you would be driving a boat instead of a car. People would park their “boats” outside their homes and “sail” to work everyday. Venice or as the Italians call it Venezia is one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

Unfortunately, Venezia is one of the places described as low earth in the sense they are gradually being eaten up from the edges by the seawater and there is great risk that someday they might sink completely. And since the Yemeni government is one of the most enthusiastic governments globally in preserving nature and taking care of natural reserves it has done it's utmost to save Venezia from its doom. However, you can't fight nature at its peak, and so the Yemeni government is proud to announce that it has decided to compensate for the loss and to start working on the alternative: Sana'a!

We'd probably keep the name as Sana'a, but perhaps have a new nickname for Sana'a as “Venezia dello Yemen”, or in English “Venice of Yemen”. I assume this is also another way of encouraging sports in the city as the young people instead of chewing Qat they could easily jump from their windows into a public pool on the streets and enjoy the evening in a delightful sport. I suppose that the government is also is planning this as means to fight unemployment through inventing a new sector all together. And instead of hailing a cab you would be hailing a boat. Not only that, this also is a great opportunity for encouraging tourism, and Sana'a would be enlisted as one of the world's natural wonders as magnificent description of a sea between mountains. We would have tourists coming from all around the world to see our wonders in Sana'a, and in addition to Bab al-Yaman and the old city thanks to the government we have two more tourist attractions: the President's Mosque and the Grand Canal on the Street 45, which is not very far from the President's Mosque. The grand canal is only a preparation to link the water streams in the various areas around the city especially the side lanes near Hadda road where people are starting to enjoy the water gush into the streets getting ready for their future roles as sailors. Another great aspect of this “Venezia dello Yemen” project is that actually the rain and water streams played a vital role in slowing the people's movement. They will be forced now to consider the beautiful sceneries around them and appreciate life better. Also this way any rash demonstrations will be slowed down if not hindered and the angry protestors will find themselves appreciating life better, contemplating on the future of “Venezia dello Yemen” and their angry cries would invariably be hushed down to a quite “mamma mia”!