Labus water project inaugurated [Archives:2002/11/Local News]

March 11 2002

Prime Minster, Abdulqadir Bajamal, inaugurated the Labus water project on March 2.
The project which was implemented by the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) provides 100,000 inhabitants with water.
“Work at Labus Water Project began in 1992 when the CCC won the prequalification contract for the project at an overall cost of USD 63,” said Hani Shahata, Regional Director of the Consolidated Contractors Company.
The project has generated 2000 job opportunities for the locals of the district.
CCC also trained its locally recruited staff according to the best international standards. The project has helped boost the economy in the area as CCC had purchased all its local needs from the area. Further, CCC supported and sponsored different social and sports activities in the district.