Lahj cement factory depends only on local materials and increases employment [Archives:2008/1175/Business & Economy]

July 24 2008

By: Emad Al-Saqqaf
LAHJ, July 20)On Sunday, Prime Minister Dr. Ali Mujawar opened the US $250 million National Company for Cement in Lahj governorate, which uses only Yemeni materials to make its products and is the first of its kind.

The factory is owned by Hayel Saeed Anam Company Groups and has the production capacity to make 1.6 tons of cement annually. While in Lahj, Mujawar also opened the Industrial Alam Company that belongs to the same group and is located nearby in the governorate.

Mujawar said that the industrial growth in the governate would increase and improve the national economy by providing both direct and indirect job opportunities. He also said that the factory depended completely on nationally-available raw materials to make its cement. He congratulated Hayel Saeed Anam Group and the 4,000 other contributors who helped establish the factory on their achievement.

In the opening ceremony, the Prime Minister expressed his pleasure that Lahj governorate is growing to become an industrial zone specializing in manufacturing construction tools and equipment. Mujawar said he supports this step and encourages the private sector to continue forward with other large industrial projects.

Ahmed Hayel Sa'eed, the Vice-chair of the National Cement Company, said the project was one of the most promising the group had done in the last few years. He added that the group's activity is an efficient contribution to development and investment as it supports the continuous partnership between the private and the public sectors.

Ali Al-Hajj, the Chairman of the company, demonstrated the phases and steps through which the National Cement Company was established. He pointed out that his company wanted to raise individuals' income and that his company would make a new working class through offering employment opportunities with stock options and living wages. Al-Hajj added that his company planned to establish another cement factory in the near future.

The opening ceremony was also attended by a number of ministers, governors, businessmen, foreign company representatives and journalists. A documentary film about the National Cement Company was played while gifts were distributed to special guests who were honored at a banquet following the ceremony.