Lahj gets new projects [Archives:2005/826/Local News]

March 21 2005

Aden Bureau
Abdul-Salam al-Mohammadi, Manager of Public Works and Roads (PWRO) in Lahj Province says their most important achievement last year was their technical supervision of many governmental projects.

“There are projects financed through the local councils subject to the our supervision. They number 17, two of which have been completed, and have cost YR 129,968,720. The Cleanliness Fund sponsors amelioration and lighting projects along roads and streets in the province,” he added.

The PWRO also conducted a preliminary survey of roads needed by the districts of the province and mapping out designs for annexes of the Martyrs' Families Block, maintaining the Civil Service building, two floors of the Finance Office, two fences for playgrounds in Tiban district, a study of countryside roads, and maintaining the Internal Administration Office.