Lahj Pop Singer:  Fadl Kuraidi [Archives:1999/01/Culture]

January 4 1999

The renowned Yemeni singer Fadl Kuraidi is one of the artists who had contributed in the march of the domestic song over thirty years.
He was born in Lahj in 1952 and completed his elementary and intermediate studies in Al Houta schools. His singing talent surfaced at the early age of 12 and was encouraged by his father to go ahead with upgrading that talent.
Kuraidi’s father took him to the well known artist of the sixties Fadl Al Lahji who taught him how to use the lute, a thing which Kuraidi excelled in.
In the early sixties, he was influenced by the Lahji lyrics and started to imitate some of the famous singers at that time and in 1961 he joined the Lahji musical band.
Kuraidi practiced singing as a hobby and he managed to cope between it and his work with the Ministry of Health. His family played a big role in promoting his talent, since two of his brothers had tried their luck in the field of singing.
Following the independence of the southern part of the country, Kuraidi joined the Lahj musical band that was encouraged by the state to reflect the revolutionary changes witnessed by both north and south of Yemen at that time.
In the eighties, Kuraidi recorded a number of his Lahji songs with the radio and television which had a great effect on circulation of his songs and his popularity among Yemeni expatriates in nearby countries.
Near the end of the eighties, the renouned artist shifted his job from the Health to the Culture Ministry and joined its musical troupe in which his distinguished Lahji songs were performed. Those songs were recorded with the radio and television in his own voice or that of other Yemeni singers.
And so our famous singer, Kuraidi, continues his sincere artistic march that is admired by all those who hear him.