Land Disputes Behind Fierce Tension in Mukalla [Archives:2000/07/Local News]

February 14 2000

Tensions rose between security forces and tens of citizens in Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadhramout Governorate, because of a dispute over land in the Fooh area of Mukalla.
Local sources in the governorate said that fully-armed security forces and policemen attacked farmland owned by the Al-Akbari Tribe in Fooh district, to the west of the city, and occupied it after expelling those guarding it. The guards rushed for help of their fellow tribesmen to face the armed assault.
Some of Al-Akbari tribesmen said they would completely reject what they described as aggression on their brethren’s land, considering it an attack on the entire tribe. They have also asserted that they possess all the documents that prove their right to the ownership of the land and if there is anyone who claims ownership of the land, he has to go to court and not to resort to the use of security forces.