Landslide kills two people [Archives:2007/1020/Local News]

January 29 2007

RAYMA, Jan 28 ) Two people were killed on Friday in a landslide that occurred in Maswar village, Rayma government, as they tried to move a rock while hunting for a wild rabbit.

The two men died on the spot, and no relief efforts by the authorities were made inspite of informing the authorities of the incident. Local council member for the area Mr. Ali Al-Muradi called on the villagers in Maswar to be more careful as most rocks are subject to fall any time from the highlands overlooking their houses following rains that fell for eight continuous days last month.

Al-Muradi also called on concerned authorities to take necessary measures to avoid the occurrence of similar incidents.

The department for geological screeing affiliated to the Ministry of Oil and Minerals has warned of such landslides nationwide and especially in the northwestern region of the middle highlands, as that area is of a rocky and fragile nature, and called on citizens to inspect their whereabouts and the areas surrounding their villages for any abnormal cracks in the area.

On January 16 this year, two landslides in the main road leading to the Al-Haymah Al-Dhakhlya caused the area to be inaccessible and prevented more than 55,000 people from reaching other areas and governorates. The slides also destroyed more than 66,000 km of agricultural land.

In December 2005, about 120 people died in a landslide that took place in Al-Dhafeer Village and 12 houses were totally destroyed.