Language class to graduate [Archives:2005/816/Local News]

February 14 2005

Taiz Bureau
Preparations in the Languages Center of Taiz University are taking place for the graduation of the first group of Master Degree graduates in both Arabic and English.

Dr. Waheebah Muharram, Dean of Languages Center, said that the preparations include the arrangements for the celebration of the center that started in 2000/2001 for diploma students.

She indicated that there is an ambitious plan submitted by the leadership of Taiz University to the Ministry of Higher Education, aiming to change the center to be “Faculty of Tongues and Translation.”

She expressed her enthusiasm in turning the project into fact, due to the importance of providing specialists in languages and translation, to serve different faculties of Taiz University and the community.

She assured that the project is given vast consideration by the political leadership for preparing qualified cadre in translation work.