Largest media training program in the Middle East launched [Archives:2006/1005/Local News]

December 7 2006

By: Ismael Al-Ghabiri
SANA'A, Dec. 9 ) Yemeni official media outlets will undergo intense professional training in the coming two years through the largest media training program in the Middle East, said Abdullah Al-Zalab director of Mass Communication Training and Qualifying Institute in Yemen.

The program will be provided by the German Media Broadcast “Deutsche Welle” in cooperation with the mass communication institute.

Frank Lemke, senior consultant at Deutsche Welle, expressed his optimism with the program, which will cover training requirements for Yemeni television and radio.

The minister of information, Hassan Al-Lauzi, attended the agreement signing ceremony on Monday saying, “Deutsche Welle is a well reputed media organization and continues to leave its positive marks in developing media in Germany and around the world.”

The agreement delegates the communication institute as the Yemeni partner to organize the training program during 2007 and 2008 and to select trainees from official media. The two Yemeni television channels and the various radio stations must present their training requirements in order to be integrated in the program.

The Mass Communication Training and Qualifying Institute is a government body established in 1999, responsible for training and qualifying journalists and public and private media institutions in Yemen.

On Monday the institute concluded a 14-day workshop, in cooperation with a French satellite channel, on documentary film production. The training included theoretical and practical lectures on the four main steps in producing television documentaries: selecting a topic, identifying people and places, developing and finally preparing the montage.

Nine participants from Yemen's two state channels received the training, which resulted the production of a 15-minute documentary film on traditional environment reflecting the lives of Yemenis in Sana'a under the title “Sana'a in the memory.”

According to cameraman Alexander Nazarene, the workshop is the fruit of cooperation between the French channel and the Media Training Institute.

“The documentary film is on Bab Al-Yemen, Bab Al-Sabah, qat sessions and the sale of cars by auction. This is a lively society and beautiful creative work could be produced if resources are available,” explained Nazarene.

“This was the first workshop held in cooperation with the French channel. We've been making arrangements for the workshop for months,” said Abdullah Al-Zalab. “Trainees must benefit from the workshop and its discussion topics because we all acknowledge that the French have a long-established and pioneering school in the area of documentary film production.”

Al-Lauzi emphasized the importance of such training to document the heritage and culture of Yemen.

“There is so much potential in Yemen, and tourism would benefit greatly from such training”, he said.