Larjani delivers letter to president Saleh, concludes visit [Archives:2006/954/Local News]

June 12 2006

SANA'A, June 10 ) In a press conference held at the Iranian Embassy on June 8, Chairman of the Iranian National Security Council Ali Larjani emphasized that “some are not content with good relations between Iran and Yemen and they want to arouse turbulence and problems between them [Yemen and Iran], for they [Yemen and Iran] are among the area's large countries and they can help achieve permanent and sustainable security there.”

Larjani went on to say that “those who try to evoke turbulence and problems will not succeed as Yemeni- Iranian relations are too firm to stand [down from] such problems.” Yemen is a close and intimate friend to Iran and “both countries are connected by firm political, economic, security and cultural relations. Iran's security is Yemen's security,” he added.

Carrying a letter from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, Ali Larjani met with President Saleh. The letter that he delivered concerned bilateral relations between Yemen and Iran and prospects for mutual cooperation. Additionally, the letter dealt with developments regarding the Iranian nuclear program, Iranian attitudes towards international developments, and other current issues in the Middle East.