Last Chance to Nominate the  1999 Person of the Year [Archives:1999/50/Front Page]

December 13 1999

As we are quickly approaching the end of 1999, we announce that the coming week will be the last chance for all who want to nominate a person for the 1999 person of the year title. This is the last opportunity to send your nominations to the Yemen Times 1999 Person of the Year Award. The award is given to a Yemeni person (male or female) who has succeeded in life (family + career), and who has made a visible contribution to the public. Nominations may be sent directly to the Yemen Times. 
Nominations should be based on the following main qualifications: 
1) The nominee must have a successful private life in terms of family and career; 
2) The nominee must have made a visible contribution to Yemen. 
The Yemen Times persons of the year for the past eight years were Dr. Tariq Sinan Abu Luhum (1991), Engineer Ahmed Al-Anisi (1992), Ali Mohammed Saeed (1993), Dr. Abubakar Al-Qirby (1994), Dr. Wahiba Ghaleb Fare’ (1995), Dr. Mohammed Al-Naqeeb (1996), Dr. Yasseen Al-Qubati (1997), and Dr. Ahmed Al-Saqqaf (1998). Nominations for YT 1999 Person of the Year should be addressed to: 
Person of the Year Committee – Yemen Times, 
P.O. Box 2579, Sana’a; OR fax: (01) 268-276 
OR Email: [email protected]