Latest Reports Reveal:  Walker Stayed in Yemen for 3 Years [Archives:2002/03/Front Page]

January 14 2002

John Walker, arrested by the US Central Intelligence Agency C.I.A. on the 2nd of December 2001 for his link to al-Qaeda Organization led by Osama bin Laden, has been confirmed to have lived in Yemen from 1998 to 1999 for studying Arabic at an institute in Sana’a.
A reliable source told the Yemen Times that the relation between Walker and the Islamic groups in Yemen forced the institute to cancel his residency permit. Walker was subsequently asked to leave Yemen.
In 2000 Walker returned to Sa’ada, 250 km away from Sana’a and joined Al-Wade’ai Institute there for studying Quranic sciences. In the same year, Walker left Sa’ada for Pakistan and then for Afghanistan where he joined the Taliban and received military training.