LAW OF THE JUNGLE [Archives:2001/36/Focus]

September 3 2001

Nawal Ahmed Al-Hadad
I am not sure what I should name those laws currently ruling the world. Those are probably the laws of strong (might is right) or laws of the jungle (the survival is for the strongest and the weak must die pitilessly).
Being part of this world, we must accept and perform these laws unconditionally and quickly. At the same time, some other forces are not obliged to do so. We can notice the strange and funny paradoxes of these laws and decisions, specially in connection with the Arab World. The international sanctions imposed upon Libya for a case that it has nothing to do is a great example demonstrating those laws. The final verdict that came against Libya was obviously only to gratify and save the faces of some venomous super powers. By moving to Sudan, we see the same oppression is practiced on this Arab country because the same forces claim that Sudan is one of the countries that support terrorism and these forces appear as lamblike while at the same time they are the origin of terrorism.
Continuously, we openly noticed those paradoxes in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf area when Iraq invaded Kuwait (this was the biggest mistake committed by Iraq, but it was resolvable by the Arabs themselves) but we saw how allies of different countries were united (consisting of Arabs who wanted to please the USA) against Iraq. Admittedly, they committed horrible carnage by shelling innocent civilians.
Then the international economic and air sanctions were imposed on Iraq by USA. Consequently, Iraqi people continue until today to live with disease and with an extremely high death rate among children. The aggressive air attacks by American and British war planes demonstrate yet another defect of this law. Interestingly however, no one presumes to stop these barbaric acts because of the haughtiness and upper hand of these viperous forces which try to achieve two main things. Firstly, they want to install military bases in the Gulf (and make selfish use of Gulf region, but not for the sake of Kuwait or to guarantee its security).
Secondly, to weaken and demolish Iraq and brace any attempt to achieve this as Iraq is too dangerous and threatens its neighbors as they say.
In fact, these two aims have one objective. That is to protect and guarantee Israel’s security. They want Iraq to be as a bird without wings, i.e., helpless.
But where is the world order and justice to stop this mockery. If we move to the Middle East area and go back in time to the very beginning of the occupation of Palestine, invasion of Lebanon and occupation Aljolan heights, we would realize that Israel has been committing hideous crimes during its life span. Why didn’t the world move a finger when Israel’s warplanes flew over Lebanon and sometimes would shell Lebanese cities? However, if the opposite happens, it will be a dangerous penetration into international laws. When Lebanese resisting emancipating their lands that are occupied by Israel, USA threatens that if they don’t stop, it will halt the economic aid to them. With this move, the USA is twisting Lebanon’s arm in an effort to silent the limit the country’s struggle to defend its lands. Generally if any Arab country prospers and tries to develop or produce new weapons, USA immediately calls for operations to limit “arms of mass destruction” and for disarmament because as it claims, if we possess or develop any kind of weapons, this will threaten the area’s security.
At the same time, Israel has the right to possess, produce, sell and buy various kinds of arms, including nuclear weapons. It can even do the war gambits. It has the right to have the biggest arsenal in the Middle East. All that in American opinion, is a valid right. But where is justice here?
Finally, the laws of the jungle accuse Palestinians of being terrorists but refuse to accuse Israel of racism or terrorism. In my opinion these two previous words are very light in describing Israel. Candidly in this world, the weak does not have a place to live because he will be trampled underfoot anywhere he goes. So we must be powerful to be able to live in this world and make others have a thousand apprehensions about us. Then we should use this power to reform and redress the balance. All that will be achieved only when we are close to Allah and trust in Him and do what he ordered us to.
This will bring justice back and will enable us to regain our rights. Only then will we be able to live in truly just laws, and not in the laws of the jungle.