Lawsuit against sales tax should not be published, lawyers [Archives:2005/849/Front Page]

June 9 2005

SANA'A, June 7- The Supreme Court held its session on Tuesday at the Ministry of Justice to discuss the sales tax after appeals were filed against it by industry and trade chambers in the Capital City and other governorates.

At the session, lawyers representing the government urged the court not to publish lawsuits against the sales tax law in media means.

Dr. Hassan Mujalli lawyer of the Chamber of Trade and Industry denounced the demand of government lawyers who requested the court not publish lawsuits against the sales tax law in the media.

He said such a request is a bizzare one and contradicts rights of humanity to knowledge, information and inquiry.

He mentioned it is not wrong to publicize appeals and suits filed against the sales tax law in different media means and confirmed the government media promotes the law and tends to calm down people's agitated viewpoints.

A number of traders in Aden governorate supported the appeal presented against the sales tax law.

The Supreme Court accepted the lawsuit filed by the Chamber of Trade and Industry against the President of the Republic and some senior government officials with respect to the sales tax law due to be put into practice in July.

The lawsuit, containing a number of legal justifications, confirmed there is a violation against the law and the Islamic Sharia, which invaidates the law.

The sales tax law draft the government intends to enforce was heavily criticized and strongly opposed by citizens all over the country. It led up to demonstrations accompanied by chaos and fire shootings which claimed lives of innocent citizens and security troops.