Lawyers & judges trained as business arbitrators [Archives:2007/1040/Local News]

April 9 2007

TAIZ, April 7 ) In collaboration with Taiz-based Lawyers Syndicate and supported by the German GTZ, the Chamber of Commerce's Business Arbitration Center organized a training course last Tuesday and involved 20 trainees on business arbitration and resolving business disputes.

Lasting for three days, the course aimed to qualify lawyers and judges to be accredited as official business arbitrators in order to compensate for the shortage of specialized business courts whose trials take long time. It also aims to help diminish problems affecting investments and commercial and industrial activities.

Business Arbitration Center chairman Adnan Abdullah Saleh told Yemen Times they benefited from the course and they acquired new legal skills that will facilitate our tasks as arbitrators.

Saleh added developing business arbitration would help diminish the pressure on commercial courts and also help national development. He added that such arbitration is followed in more than 160 countries across the globe and it is favorable in international business community to resolve the business disputes.