Leaders in informal mood:Saleh carries tradition overseas [Archives:2004/746/Last Page]

June 14 2004

The “Great Eight” summit that wrapped up on Thursday in Sea Island off the coast of Georgia, USA included many fascinating and entertaining moments. Among those interesting moments was when President Saleh arrived wearing the traditional costume with the “Janbia”.
According to US official sources, the Secret Service decided not to relieve him of it on his way in to US President George W. Bush. President Saleh introduced himself; but the US President made it clear he already knew who he was. They chatted for a moment, then George W. Bush (see photo) pointed to the dagger, sheathed in green, and made a few joking stabbing motions. President Saleh took that with the same spirit of humor.
What else could have the US President told Saleh about the dagger remains a mystery. But it is nevertheless an indication of the pride that Saleh has in Yemen's traditions and costumes.