Lebanese cultural event in Sana’a [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Inauguration of Events of Lebanese Cultural Week took place in Sana'a Cultural Center, on Saturday 7th Aug. 2004. It was attended by Khaled Al-Rowaishan, the Minister of Culture & Tourism, Mr. Ghazi al-Areedhy, the Lebanese Minister of Culture, Dr. Abdul-Aziz al-Muqaleh, the Cultural Consultant to the President of the Republic, in addition to members from a number of Diplomatic missions in Sana'a. The Lebanese Cultural display included artistic parties as well as poetic and readings of high literature.
The Yemeni Minister of Culture and Tourism, Khaled al-Rowaishan, has confirmed that the Lebanese cultural event is part of the celebrations of Sana'a being as the capital of Arab Culture, and has emphasized that the Lebanese week is an especially marvelous pearl. Lebanese artisans will not only present Lebanese culture but will also present the best of what their nation has in poetry, songs, music and culture. He ascertained that the historic links between Yemen and Lebanon have existed for many years.
Mr. Ghazi al-Areedhy, the Minister of Lebanese culture, has confirmed that Yemen and Lebanon now enjoy many ties, and that the attack which the Arabs are facing is actually a cultural attack causing accusations, provocation, defamation and suspicion to the many, by some of those who want to disfigure our culture and history, as the accusations have involved the whole, and split up in all the directions. Further, he said, “the Lebanese participation will not be a seasonal. Our being here is to confirm the depth of the relationship between Lebanon and Yemen.” And he added “We, by such activities, events and by being open to contact each other i.e. between the Lebanese and the Yemeni educated people, are also strengthening the relations among each other represented by a continuous and permanent friendship.”
It is worth mentioning that Lebanese Cultural days have included the readings of Joseph Hurrab's poems and works by other Lebanese poets.
The Lebanese delegation have visited a number of the governorates of the Republic, one of which is al-Mahweet Governorate where they have been acquainted to a number of historical, archaeological and agricultural places. As well, they were familiarized with the old quarter of Sana'a.