Lebanon: A potential Hollywood production [Archives:2006/975/Community]

August 24 2006

By: Kamal Alhirdi
[email protected]

If interested you are in outdoing the classic Shakespearian movie stories and winning the Oscar nomination for the best Hollywood movie production or being the Newsmaker of the Year then now is the time to get down to work! Come up with a movie idea – the title I suggest is “The Dishonorable Warriors” – it will certainly be viewed by all creatures besides humankind!

At movie theaters across the world, you would find viewers yelling, “Long live” for the honorable warrior who struggles courageously, fights honorably, and wins eventually. Likewise, people of different races, different religions are now yelling, “Long Live” for every child, woman, and man in Lebanon who stands firm and fights in defense of their land, freedom, and dignity.

In the deliberate absence of movie directors and producers, Israeli's insane troops murder in cold blood the innocent souls of children, God's symbols of compassion and tenderness. Could you imagine how hard life would be to parents losing the smiling faces of their kids? They also murder spouses – the full meaning of life. In addition, senior citizens are being executed under the Israeli's heavy bombardment.

Israeli's troops do not fight honorably; they strike civilians, demolish public utilities, tear personal properties down and level everything to the ground. Those troops and their mastermind have no mind at all as they are walking and forcing others onto the path of complete destruction.

On the other hand, Israel seems to lack logical thought because they don't realize the consequences of their barbarian attacks against Lebanon. They might have studied the option of involving their people in this open-ended war, they must have miscalculated the hope for peace because it is quite logical and justified for Lebanese people along with all freedom seekers to fight and fight and fight until their last breath – especially when they have nothing left to live for.

Anyway, history repeats itself and teaches us that a despotic power is condemned to collapse; and courageous people will- at any cost- eventually win their freedom.