Lecture on education in Yemen [Archives:2002/39/Local News]

September 23 2002

TAIZ-Within its programs for September, Al-Saeed Cultural Foundation organized last Thursday a lecture on Education in Yemen delivered by Dr. Ahmed Ghalib Al Haboob, a Philosophy professor at the faculty of education, Ibb University.
The lecturer dealt with educational reality in the last 40 years and its current situation.
In his lecture, the lecturer indicated that there was a kind of quantitative deficits of education after the 26th of September Revolution.
It now is witnessing a gradual deterioration in the educational means, teaching staff, curriculum and methodology, particularly those used at the universities.
The old methods still in effect are affecting educational output which is not in a harmony with development needs.
He criticized abolishing the History, Philosophy and Psychology departments at the Yemeni universities confirming that they are of a great significance and stressed on the importance of the technical and vocational education as the sole way for the development of the country as well as reforming educational sector and eradicating unemployment.